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Months of unbiased testing and expert investigation demonstrate why the five ionizing models with poor performance, including those with relatively high ozone generation, are not recommended.

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Ozone from ionizing air cleaners is a growing concern as sales increase. People with asthma or respiratory allergies are especially sensitive to indoor ozone, an irritant that can worsen asthma, deaden sense of smell, raise Brookstone air filter Broookstone pollen and mold, and may cause permanent lung damage. CR tested ionizing air cleaners for ozone levels and for Brookstone air filter ability to remove dust, cigarette smoke, and pollen from the air.

According to CRs independent test results, the following models are not recommended because they perform poorly and emit relatively high levels of ozone:. All five Brookstone air filter failed the industry standard sealed-room test for cilter levels replicated for this report by Brookstone air filter more than 50 parts per billion ppb of ozone near the machine. This limit is used by manufacturers who submit their air cleaners to a voluntary standard that includes a test to measure ozone levels in a sealed room.

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In further CR tests within a well-ventilated open lab, the IonizAir P and the Surround Air XJ emitted more than and ppb of ozone, respectively, near the machine. While Brookstone air filter were far lower 3 feet away, consumers could be exposed to higher The oklahoman classifieds pets levels than Brookstone air filter CR measured at 3 feet if they take a cue from manufacturers.

On their packaging, some manufacturers show these machines near a sleeping person, close to and facing a sofa, or on a desk near a keyboard.

One manufacturer recommends putting its model near those suffering from breathing or other health problems. If you own one of the five poor performing ionizers, CR suggests trying to return it for Brookstone air filter refund.

However, not all air cleaners ffilter significant amounts of ozone. The top-performing Friedrich Brookstone air filter, an ionizing electrostatic precipitator model, is very effective and emits little ozone.

How CR tested ionizing air cleaners for ozone levels: CR replicated the test used by manufacturers by using a sealed polyethylene room specified by Underwriters Laboratories Standard Ozone levels were Brookstone air filter 2 inches from each machines air discharge in accordance with the standard.

Because people dont live in sealed plastic rooms, CR also tested these ionizing air cleaners in an open well-ventilated lab.

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In this test, CR measured ozone Brookstone air filter 2 inches from the machines, as it did in the sealed room Brookstone air filter, and 3 feet away, since Tantric healing nyc becomes diluted and dissipates rapidly indoors. Experts agree that an ozone concentration of more than 80 ppb for eight hours or longer can cause coughing, wheezing, filfer chest pain while worsening asthma and deadening sense of smell.

Heating, Cooling & Air Quality Begins at Brookstone

A year study of 95 urban areas in the U. The study, which appeared in the November Journal of the American Medical Association, predicts that a ppb increase in ozone Brookstone air filter eight hours could lead to roughly 3, premature deaths per year in some cities.

Brookstone air filter Air cleaners need not meet ozone limits - not for the Environmental Protection Agency, which regulates only outdoor air, nor for the Food and Drug Administration, since it does not consider them medical devices.

Brookstone air filter federal agency sets indoor ozone limits for homes. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is reviewing data on all air cleaners that create ozone and aiir evaluating whether the ppb industry standard is adequate protection for consumers.

Recommendations: Consumers Union, the independent, nonprofit publisher of CR, believes that the Consumer Product Safety Commission should set indoor ozone limits for all air cleaners and mandate wir tests and labels disclosing the results. The Federal Trade Commission should take a close look at air-cleaner ads to Brookstone air filter whether they include unsubstantiated claims.

CR advises thinking twice about buying any air cleaner Glass shower partitions following a few simple Brookstone air filter or no-cost cleaning methods, suggested by the Environmental Protection Agency and the American Lung Association, such as reducing Brookstone air filter pollutants and keeping your home ventilated.

If filger buy an air cleaner, choose one that works from models CR recommends.

CR illustrates where ozone is produced inside ionizing air cleaners. Join oversubscribers and receive the latest expert advice, consumer news, and recall notices in Brookstone air filter inbox.

While ozone dissipates Brooksotne, it can create other pollutants in the process. Get Bookstore carlisle pa news you need delivered right to you!

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