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Co codamol period pain

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But getting smart on medicines will not only help you get better faster, it could save you cash, too.

No wonder the British Chiropractic Association says on average women start suffering from back and neck issues aged just 28, compared to 32 for men. Reducing pain Co codamol period pain swelling with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug NSAID such as ibuprofen could mean you dodge a sick day.

Never heard of Naproxen? Also known as Ponstan, it works to both soothe pain and reduce menstrual bleeding.

If period pain is so bad that it interferes with your daily living, or stops you from going to school or work, please see your doctor to discuss it. Syrup; Nurofen Plus/Max; Cough Syrup; Codis; Co-codamol. A painkiller used to treat mild to moderate pain that's available as tablets, syrup or as a liquid for. It's pretty common practice to use painkillers to ease cramps and other period- associated miseries, but if you reach for these on a monthly basis.

For persistent headaches, usually caused by tension, the best Co codamol period pain is to avoid tablets entirely. For severe but out-of-the-blue headaches or migraines, which are usually accompanied by nausea and auras of light in your vision, co-codamol paracetamol with codeine has its place.

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