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Girl on guy having sex

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Waiting for a textingsextingemailwhatever buddy. M4w seeking for some good good fun penetrate u deep as I can and jus some all out rough sex And when i meAn rough sex its constant pounding until my legs are so sore they jus give in.

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One of the best things about having guy friends is hearing their thoughts about love and sex.

Sometimes confusing, potentially appalling, and pretty much always hilarious, guys' opinions about romance are the perfect way to discover things I never would have Gkrl. For example, a guy friend recently told me he and his crew have a different definition of "a perfect week" than most people do.

Can you guess what it is? For them, a perfect week is having sex with a different woman each day.

Yes, seriously. The friend in question, whom I'll call Joe, has had a few almost perfect weeks, although he's vowed to quit because of very valid concerns for his health.

Joe has gotten lucky with women he's met in person, but dating apps like Tinder have definitely helped. Let me first say that Joe's a good guy.

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I don't know about Joe's friends, but Joe treats women well and doesn't pressure them. I know this because I dated him a while ago, Gorl I'm not bluffing!

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So when he tells me that he goes on first dates or out to bars without the express purpose of having sex, I believe him. It just so happens that sometimes he gets on something of a roll, you could say. The thing is, even though I know Girl on guy having sex a great guy, I'm sure there's at the very least a subconscious urge to have a perfect week once he's had sex a few days in a row.

Why not continue the streak, right? I wouldn't have a Girl on guy having sex with this if all the sex were totally safe and both pn were on the same page about it likely just being a casual thing, but I know that's not how it usually goes in real life.

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So, do all guys secretly think "a perfect week" is the epitome of a good sex life? Thankfully, no. I asked a different guy friend I'll call Adam for his opinion.

The only 'perfect' thing about it is how it perfectly plays into damaging stereotypes that guys are animals only concerned with different ways to get some," said Adam. Why wouldn't seven nights of sex with just her be enough to get called a 'perfect' week?

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I doubt most guys have such specific sexual goals, but this srx proof that at least a few of them do. If you're wondering Girl on guy having sex someone you're interested in cares only about sex, look out for these signs. If that's all you want too, you're both all set for an orgasmic ride hopefully.

That's one sign he's not real relationship material Gril this point, and here are a few others. Topics men sex sex drive sex questions sex trends sexuality understanding men what men think.

Read More. By Jill Gutowitz.

By Christopher Rosa. By Julyssa Lopez.

By Abby Gardner.